The Creole Nature Trail is home to more than 400 bird species making it one of the Top 10 Birding Destinations in the country. Year-round you will be treated to a seemingly endless array of raptors, waterfowl, wading birds and shorebirds residing in this lush environment.

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Population Peaks
During the fall, winter, and spring, the Creole Nature Trail bird population soars as hundreds of thousands of migrating birds make their annual migration following the Central and the Mississippi Flyways.

Make yourself at home — the birds do!
Coming from as far north as parts of Alaska, giant flocks are drawn to the area by its unique combination of prairie grasslands, freshwater, brackish and saltwater marshes, all rich in marsh grasses, crustaceans and small fish — hearty sustenance for the long winter months.

The Creole Nature Trail habitat also acts as a key stopover for the vast majority of neo-tropical migrant songbirds from the eastern United States. As they head south across the Gulf of Mexico in the fall, it is their last chance to rest and feed. Coming north from Mexico in the spring, it is their first stopover.

The Creole Nature Trail habitat packs a powerful environmental punch. Through the warmth, nourishment, and plentiful resting places provided by this environment, the Creole Nature Trail habitat plays a vital role in sustaining the viability of more than 400 bird species and through them, a large swath of the North American Eco-system.

Top Birding Spots
• Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, the largest waterfowl sanctuary on the Gulf Coast
• Grosse Savanne Eco-Tours, fully customized eco-tours, based on your area(s) of interest on over 50,000 acres including a multitude of ecotypes from fresh and salt water marshes, cypress swamps, native coastal prairies, pine forest plantations to agricultural lands. Our personal tours generally have a maximum of 4 persons per guide. See our listing or visit our website for more details.
• Rockefeller State Wildlife Refuge, near Grand Chenier
• Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge on LA 27 south of Holmwood
• Peveto Woods Bird & Butterfly Sanctuary eight miles west of Holly Beach
• Rutherford Beach southwest of Creole off LA 82/27-has hosted many of the rare gulls recorded in the state
• Jetties south of the town of Cameron where at low tide exposed tidal flats, salt marsh and rocks attract thousands of resting seabirds.


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